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Laurier Econ vs. Queen’s Econ?

Which econ program might be better? Queen’s seems more appealing due to the rep and the campus overall. Both have minor options with Laurier having a management/financial management minor option whereas Queen’s has the business certificate. Queen’s seems to have a wider variety of courses to choose from for minor though. The one thing that is a big factor is that you have a shot at coop at Laurier in econ but not so much with Queen’s. I’m guessing that a Queen’s degree would be more recognized outside of the province, which is also a concern.  Any advice would be appreciated. (Also, please leave both commerce programs aside, as this is about econ).

1 Answer

  1. Queen’s has the better econ department and as you pointed out, more variety in the courses. You also have the option of specializing in either the standard econ stream or the applied econ stream which is unique from most other schools. Also, you’ll find a lot more world-renowned profs at Queen’s than Laurier because many of them also teach at Smith, a tier-one biz school.

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