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Laurier BBA or Rotman Commerce

I need someone’s take on whether I should go to Laurier for BBA (confident landing co op) or rotman commerce. I’m looking to work in the finance or private equity field as well.

2 Answers

  1. Lol, Rotman, obviously. Laurier is hardly even considered a third-tier school compared to Rotman. Think of it as the Rye High of Waterloo.

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  2. Rotman is garbage for undergrad. Neither Rotman or Laurier will realistically get you into finance or PE. Adjust your expectations. You want to go to Ivey, McGill, or Queen’s commerce for that.
    a) Don’t go to Rotman. They get their reputation largely from the MBA program. Laurier BBA with co-op is far superior.
    b) Problems with Rotman:
    1. You’re not officially in Rotman until you achieve certain marks in your first-year calculus, economics, and management courses. You MUST finish this by the end of the summer of your first year, failure to do so means you will be forever kicked out from Rotman and can NEVER go back into Rotman again.
    2. No co-op program whatsoever, you must find a job on your own. This is where Waterloo’s AFM or Math + Business co-op programs severely beats Rotman Commerce and Rotman undergrad students are left behind on their own to find jobs.
    3. Not a target school, employers do not like hiring Rotman students and major banks, investment firms, corporations, private equity, hedge funds all go for Waterloo/Ivey/Queens. Rotman students are essentially left out.
    4. Laurier and Rotman are both Tier 2 Business schools, so what does this mean? Not great as Queens or Ivey but better than York Commerce (not Schulich) and Ryerson Commerce. So, it’s like around the same tier as Schulich, UBC Sauder School of Business, yet tuition for Rotman is pretty damn high and way above Schulich and UBC.
    5. Heavy emphasis on coursework, little focus on case studies and other features that Queens focus on. It’s just doing a bunch of courses, taking exams, and going home. You hardly do any case studies which is why Rotman degree is useless so you’re just doing exams and practicing your memorization skills rather than thinking critically on business topics.
    There’s more, but you get the idea. The top-tier business jobs, which lead to higher salaries, largely go to students at Ivey, Queen’s commerce, Waterloo AFM, Waterloo/Laurier double degree, and maybe McGill Desautels. They’re also hiring a lot more quant grads nowadays with degrees in actuarial science, math, computer science, management engineering, etc. Rotman pales in comparison. Laurier you will do well if you can get co-op.

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