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Kinesiology Hopefuls

Hey fellow prospecting kinesiology students 🙂 This thread can be used for questions, concerns, advice, admission averages, and current kin students input. Here are some questions to consider: -What schools have you applied to/ have been accepted to? -Anticipated average? -End goal for your career? I have applied to Western, Waterloo, Laurier and Guelph-Humber for bachelor of science in kinesiology, and I applied to Guelph for Human Kinetics. I was accepted into Guelph-Humber’s program today (backup option). I would personally love to go to Western if I get in. For Western and Laurier, my average will hopefully be %87 at the lowest (depends on how badly I bombed the Bio exam). My average for Waterloo and Guelph would be around %83 at the lowest (if I decide to not upgrade any marks). I plan on upgrading chem online since I heard that last years cutoff for western was %87. I hope to take a masters degree after kin and go into athletic therapy/ rehabilitation.        

14 Answers

  1. I applied to kin at mac, york, queens, western, waterloo, HK at guelph (and a couple of other programs at other schools)
    I am a transfer college student from Humber
    My HS avg is 94.5 and college avg is 95.1
    I got accepted to BSc at york and western, i also got accepted to a couple of other programs.
    Good luck!

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  2. I applied to Kin at Waterloo(w/ co-op), Laurier, and Brock (w/ Masters in Professional Kin). My target is Waterloo Kinesiology, if not I will go to Health Sciences at Laurier. My HS average is going to end up being between 87%-90%.
    What do you think are my chances of getting into Kin at Waterloo w/ co-op?
    Thanks everyone!

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  3. Accepted into Guelph Humber on January 31st (%85)
    Accepted into Laurier on February 20th (%88.2)
    Accepted into Western on February 24th (%88.2)

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