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Ivey Grad Investment Banking AMA

Hi guys, my name is Matt Ting and I graduated from Ivey back in 2015! I did BMOS my first two years. I worked in investment banking and private equity in New York and wanted to help you answer any questions about university programs and your careers. I also got into Mac Health Sci back in the day so I can answer any questions about business vs. science. I’ve started posting educational videos about my career on YouTube under Peak Frameworks if you’re curious. Here’s a video on investment banking salary.

7 Answers

  1. Are there any layoffs going on at the firm you work at due to the incoming recession?

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    • So my private equity investment firm probably won’t see any layoffs. As investors, it’s actually a good time to start buying companies because prices are lower and investors have a ton of cash.

      Investment banking is different. There’s probably going to be some layoffs because generally fewer deals are done (fewer IPOs and transactions), but I would expect most analysts and associates will still keep their jobs. They tend to be relatively cheaper than more senior people and thus easier to keep around. I also worked at an advisory firm, which is less sensitive to going bankrupt than a huge bank.

      If your question is generally about the volatility of finance careers – it definitely is more volatile than something like accounting, but honestly a lot of fields in business are pretty volatile these days. I wouldn’t say consulting is any better and consumer marketing has generally seen downsizing as tech advertising companies have become more prevalent.

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  2. Hi Matt!

    Thank you for donating your time for an AMA. I would love to have your insight, please!

    I personally don’t know what to do with my life. I am in grade 11, a little bit panicking about university. I thought I wanted to go into business after my plentiful exposure to the business environment, clubs, and courses. I love studying business, perhaps the content was easy, I don’t know the reason. Recently, I keep on thinking about what if the business isn’t for me. I doubt myself because I don’t think my personality or skillset is fitted for it. I am not proficient at public speaking, thinking on the spot, and being a confident “leader”. In your opinion, what kind of characteristics are important to be a highly successful business person? Thank you so much!

    PS I am now a subscriber to your awesome Youtube channel! Best of success!

    Warm regards,


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    • Hey there! First of all, you should realize that everyone finds picking their university degree very stressful. I actually didn’t decide to go to Ivey until the last week before the deadline closed and it was so hard to decide.

      For me, it was actually my experience with DECA that convinced me to pursue business (I won my category at Internationals in grade twelve), which made me think I would excel in the business world. So, I encourage you to experiment in your spare time. Join clubs, follow the stock market, read business books, try talking to people in different fields, take summer jobs that seem interesting. It’s hard to know until you try.

      You don’t necessarily need to be good at public speaking, though it does help. You can maybe do more analytical “introverted” roles like accounting, hedge funds or quantitative finance. There are a lot of investing roles that are actually very introverted, where you spend most of your time doing research.

      To be a highly successful business person, I think the most important things are: 1) to have determination and 2) to have good critical thinking skills. Business can be volatile and you have to deal with a lot of unknowns, so you need to be able to grit through the tough times and solve problems efficiently. Good luck deciding and let me know if you have any other questions!

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  4. For me it always seemed to be the toughest career path that could be chosen. You have to work more than twelve hours a day and the work itself is so intense, the responsibility is also crazy. But I also admit that investing money is amazingly interesting. But I can only be responsible for my own money so I just trade on the foreign exchange market. It wasn’t that easy to figure things out but informational websites like can help a lot. I think that you should try it out, it will give you some useful experience and knowledge.

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