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I’ve been accepted into ‘better’ schools- is Carleton a good idea?

Hi! I applied and have been accepted into the following programs; political science (w/ co-op) at uOttawa, political science: international relations (w/ co-op) at Carleton, and international relations at UofT. I also applied to political science at McGill, but have not been accepted (I assume I will be soon). I’m very hardworking and have excellent grades (last semester, the first semester of grade 12, I had a 93% average). Though my top choice has always been McGill, I’m having second thoughts and am leaning more towards Carleton. International relations is the area of political science I am most interested in, and Carleton allows me to concentrate on it. Co-op appeals to me greatly, giving me a real-world experience that not only pays me but also pads a law-school application. I liked the campus ‘vibe’ at Carleton moreso than the other schools- the architecture, green space, and just overall feel were very ‘me’. Carleton seems like a school where I will find myself having more fun and a better social life (versus UofT) which is important to me. Carleton offered me significant scholarship money, 4x more than the runner-up. A close teacher of mine suggested I will do better at Carleton for an undergrad and secure the grades I need to attend a school like McGill or UofT for law school. And yet with all these ‘pros’, I’m still worried it is not the right decision. The two other schools I’ve been accepted to (as well as McGill) are all ranked much higher than Carleton. Is it a bad idea, after working so hard in high school, to go to what was originally my safety school? (no “political science is useless” comments please, I’ve heard it all before!)

2 Answers

  1. It doesn’t matter where you study. Law school admission is based on your undergrad GPA and LSAT score. Reputation isn’t a huge problem as you make it out to be. If you feel more comfortable at Carleton, then you should definitely choose it over U of T or McGill. Having the co-op option can help you gain some work experience and money to pay off a part of your tuition fees as well. Even if you don’t end up in law school, you will still have the opportunity to obtain a position in the federal government.

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  2. Working hard in high school in bird courses? Unless you took all math and sciences, I don’t see how you worked hard in high school.

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