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Is University of Waterloo and the surrounding area of the town nice?

I have decided to apply to UW, Guelph and UoT. I’m from the city and very accustomed to bustling roads, night life and tons of restaurants and shopping centres/areas all around me. I enjoy the city life as well. Someone told me that Waterloo was like the countryside compared to Toronto, though I have also heard conflicting opinions that Waterloo, while it may not be as lively as Toronto, is pretty nice and has some good restaurants etc. Any ideas?

1 Answer

  1. It’s a small town, my guy. You’re comparing the biggest metropolitan city in the country with a dinky, rural dustbin. No sh!t it’s not gonna be the same as Toronto. I mean, what do you expect? Restaurants serving caviar and champagne with a strip club next to it? Go take a tour of the city for yourself to get an assessment.

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