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Is time more precious than money?

I get it we need some change to survive, but think of all fortunate people. These people work for what they are worth, and most of you work for what your employers think you are worth. You give these employers 90,360+ hours of your time . Nothing special about these people,sorry you are going to die doing regular people things! We are taught that time is money I say time is above, you can earn all the money you want, but you cannot have all the time you want.

11 Answers

  1. OP, are you an only child or an extreme introvert? You give people too much credit. Most people are satisfied with a 40-60k income and have very average life goals and dreams. Not everyone is dreaming to be the next Bill Gates or a lawyer or doctor. People want to have families because that brings them happiness. As someone who works on Bay Street surrounded by people living on their own and "building their dream," I can tell you that loneliness, substance abuse and mental health issues plague these professionals. Studies have proven that individuals with partners and children are happier than those living in isolation. You don't need a lot of money to raise a child, especially if you and your partner both make a decent living.
    You want to give people more time, but what do you think most people will do with the extra time that they are given in life?  You're also choosing to ignore the other side of the argument here, which is that many people also love their jobs and don't mind putting in the time to build a career and create results at work. Not everyone is working for some shady employer; real life isn't the movies. There is enough flexibility in today's society for people to move around and find a job that they like doing. Gone are the days when people spent decades working for the same employer. 
    Most people are regular. Most people want to live regular human lives, build a family, find internal happiness and live out their days in peace and prosperity. I don't know why you think living a regular life is such a terrible thing. Again, not everyone wants to be the next Mark Zuckerberg. You don't need to tell other people what they should or should not do with their own lives, but rather just live out your own in the way that you think is best suited for you. If you think living alone for the remainder of your life, saving time and building your dreams (whatever they may be) is more important to you, then that is your personal decision and right to make —- just as it is everyone else's right to work, make a living and support themselves and their loved ones. 
    Who are you to tell others what to do with their own lives, and who are you to question other people's personal and professional life decisions? Who are you to call these people regular? Are you saying that somehow you're irregular because you decide not to work and have more time to travel the world? That's what regular people do. You're still regular even if you don't work. You want to build your dreams? Well, what are they? You want to start a non-profit organization to save kids in Africa? You need money, connections and time. It still requires sponsors and lots of work on your part and that of others. You can have dreams, but how do you plan on executing them? You think you can execute your dreams on a minimalist salary? All the power to you. 
    Bottom-line, your post is a little flakey without outlining more clearly what your particular goals are. What do you think human beings should be doing if not working, which they've done since the beginning of time from neanderthal days as hunters and gatherers and cavemen, and building families and reproducing, which is something all living things on this planet do and is the biological purpose of our existence here?

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  2. Uh, no sh!t that time is more valuable than money. Would you rather be a 90-year-old grandpa with one foot in the grave and an endless bank account, or a broke 21-year-old with a high libido? Choose your priorities wisely.

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  3. Easy to say when your parents are providing for you right now, putting a roof over your head and three square meals a day. Ask yourself how much money you need/want once you leave the comfort zone of your parents' shadows and enter the real world. The average income in Canada is 27k. This isn't a lot of money to begin with. This is the society we live in and if you don't have financial burdens, then kudos to you, but most people are not like that. If you want more time on your hands then work a 9-5 job or become an entrepreneur and make side money.

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  4. Just consider the value of time when you're on your death bed.  How much would you pay for a good, healthy week?  Probably every cent you could get your hands on.  Now start living like your time is worth that much now.

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  6. No doubt time is important and precious but without money, it’s worth nothing IMHO. If you have no opportunity to do anything, then why you need much free time? I’m not too focused on money, don’t get me wrong but I prefer to be sure I have savings. Also, I check eos price and other information about cryptocurrencies on this site. It helps to fix and adjust my investing strategy in order not to lose my money.

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  7. Time is the most valuable resource. And we must automate our work as much as possible in order to gain an advantage in the market and quickly achieve results. Document management automation – it is not just a means of optimizing internal processes, it is an opportunity to gain an advantage in a highly competitive environment.

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