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Is this application competitive enough for Queens/Western/UofT Business schools?

Hello my name is Magnus from Markham Ontario. All help is appreciated! My projected average: 93%-95% English4U: 85 Advanced Function: 94 International business: 97 Currently taking 4U Econ, Chem (Mom forces me) and Tech Design S2: 4U French (Core), Calculus, Data and Law EC:
  1. Grade 12 rep on student council
  2. Leader of the city building club
  3. Did coop at the urban planning department (used to be my option #1)
  4. Canvassing for a candidate in the riding (federal election is in October). My candidate can win this election if everything goes well
  5. Starting an online e-commerce business
Any suggestions to increase the likelihood of admission? I hope everyone will enter their favorite program.

3 Answers

  1. I don’t understand…how do you know your average will be 93-95 when only the first week of the semester just ended? This seems too optimistic at this point.

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  2. Hi HOI3CHI, you have an interesting profile but it’s a bit scattered. As an admissions committee reviewer, I’d ask why you are so interested in urban planning and politics if you’re looking to go into business? You’ll have to answer that for me in your essays. You’re a little light on extra-curriculars to be honest, but you have a more unique set of interests than the typical candidate. Remember, your grades don’t matter until you hit the cutoff (which is 87%). Candidates like you are perfect for my Queen’s Commerce admissions bootcamp. I built my bootcamp because students can’t afford expensive admissions consultants (I charge thousands of dollars to help 1-on-1 on applications). This bootcamp gives you access to me, but at a rate that’s affordable (and it’s currently on for a discount). Check out the first three modules for free. DM me if you need anything

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  3. Hey. I created a new reddit community called r/CanadaUniversities. I would love for you to join. This is the first undergrad uni applications community for Canada.
    Additionally, if you are a high school student applying here and other universities across Canada, make sure to join this new community.

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