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Is taking gr11 physics (SPH3U) in the summer a good idea?

So, just like the question says, is taking grade 11 physics (university) during the summer a good idea? It will probably be online considering the situation right now, but I just want to know if the course load is extremely heavy, or it’s really hard to do when it’s condensed. I’m aware there have been many threads on this, but none of them have really applied to my situation. For some background, I was planning on taking physics as a interest course, I don’t need it for any uni programs, and I’m likely not taking gr12 physics. I’m mediocre at math (gr10 avg was 90 at midterms, gr9 was 95 final), but I sometimes have a hard time understanding math concepts. I took civs and careers last summer and I felt that was really time consuming and tiring (but doable, I got a 99 and 95 average respectively), which is why I have reservations about taking it this summer. Also, I want at least a 90 average is that doable? In conclusion, opinions? Any advice or info is greatly appreciated, thanks!

5 Answers

  1. I mean, if you’re saying that you have no interest in using it to get into university or taking the gr. 12 equivalent, why bother enrolling? Physics isn’t something that you just take willnilly and half-ass hoping it’ll stick, it’s a rigorous discipline. Why not take a course that you think you’ll actually use or better yet, a gr. 12 course where the grade will actually be seen by the schools you’ll be applying to? Also, I can’t tell if you’re trolling or not, but how is a 90 or 95 in math considered mediocre?

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  2. Kid, be mindful of the fact that high school grades are inflated, so if A/A+ grades are considered mediocre by your standards, you are in for a rude awakening when you get to university where class averages are in the C/C+ range and only the top 10% of students get anything above an A-. Canadian universities are known for their grade deflation. Better adjust your mentality accordingly. Physics in the summer as an “interest course?” Lol, good luck. Kid, people who get 60s and 70s are mediocre in math. You’re literally 10% away from a perfect 100% and that is considered mediocre? Don’t go around in real life spewing this garbage or else people will just look at you as another grade grubber egotistical maniac.

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  3. Hi! it seems like your math course marks aren’t too worrisome…If you do plan on applying to science programs in university like Bio, Chem or Eng you will either for sure need 4U Physics or it will be done in first/second year of uni and it would help that you know the concepts beforehand. Grade 11 Physics is mostly being able to apply previous math knowledge, as well as applying new Physics concepts. For the reason it being heavily math-based, I would advise you to take it during the normal school year. Civ/careers is a writing-based course so yes, I agree that it might have been a lot of work (I took 4U English in the summer myself), but it might not be wise to compare it with a science course. There were some aspects that I actually enjoyed learning during the year of 3U physics, like heat, but that was much later in the course…

    A 90 average in grade 11 is totally doable; I managed to pull that with my courses being English, Functions, Bio, Chem, Physics, French and Accounting all at the U level, except Accounting at M (BAF3M). I do want to advise you to take courses you are interested in and not ones to simply fulfil a certificate of honours at the end of your high school journey. I personally did not enjoy Accounting and found it repetitive and heavy with homework. I only took it to add another business course for the business certificate my high school was offering. The beauty of grade 11 is that you are able to learn introductory concepts of courses and then decide if that course/subject works well with you or doesn’t.

    I just wanted to be helpful and kind of splurged on info. My point is, take something else in the summer that does not involve labs or heavy explanations on concepts (math). I would like to add that Universities can see that you took 3U Physics in the summer since it does show up on OUAC when marks are sent to universities. From my experience, your physics mark will be reflected closely by your math mark, which seems to be ok. Hopefully, you are able to decide soon 🙂

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