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Is summer school really supposed to be easier? (English)

How is taking English in summer school supposed to be easier than taking it in day school? And how much should your mark be higher if you do take it in the summer

3 Answers

  1. No, why would it be any easier? Just because it’s taken during a heatwave? If anything, it should be harder because the time is compressed compared to a regular semester.

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  2. I am finishing grade 12 english this week online and it was pretty hard. I did not end up with a good mark so i will have to retake it during the year. I don’t recommend it.

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    Totally easy, almost everyone got great marks. The teacher only taught grade 12 English and this was her first time teaching grade 11, and the courses was still super easy. The teacher’s essay marking was hard of course because she only taught grade 12, but 60% of the course was doing presentation, debates, discussion which are easy marks.

    English is the best course to take in the summer and free-up space in the next school year because it is much more straightforward. Yes, the curriculum is condensed but that makes the course easier because the assignments and evaluations are not dragged on for longer periods of time, and you can put all your time into the course. I highly recommend taking the grade 11 course in the summer.

    I can’t quantify how much your mark would increase in a reliable way because it really depends on the teacher. I would say the mark increases 10-15% higher. This is subjective to my experience, and from what i’v heard from my peers.

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