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Hussain Omer

Is studying math at Waterloo worth it?

Hello, I was looking to also apply to the Mathematics program at Waterloo as it has 14 different majors at the end of first year which is quite interesting. I wanted to know if this program is worth it in terms of job opportunities, and career wise.  I also really like this program and I am looking forward to study it in Waterloo. I just want to know more about this program, and will it lead to better job opportunities, similarly to Computer Science graduates from Waterloo.

2 Answers

  1. Um, duh? A math degree from anywhere is basically a golden ticket to a job for life, you do realize that, right? It’s the single most rigorous degree that you can get, other than physics. It’s also extremely versatile. Every industry requires people with a strong quantitative background. You have limitless career opportunities with a math degree because you can do almost anything with it. The only hurdle is graduating with one in the first place because the dropout rate is astronomical, similar to comp sci. You will likely have no issues getting similar jobs to comp sci grads because most companies don’t actually require you to hold a comp sci degree specifically. There are people in engineering and other STEM fields that get these jobs.

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