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Hussain Omer

Is Pure Mathematics from Waterloo better in the long run or a double degree program?

Hello, is a pure mathematics degree better for me in the long run or a double degree program from Waterloo like CS/BA or BA/Mathematics. I am only saying this because pure mathematics is really flexible as it offers 14 different majors at the end of first year so will those particular types of majors make my resume for jobs stand out or will a double degree from Waterloo?

5 Answers

  1. Something you haven’t mentioned in your post is what jobs you are actually considering going into. Waterloo math is just fine if you want to go into finance and quantitative math-based careers but it won’t get you into comp sci careers like software development. You can go on linkedin and see where people with these degrees are currently working. Almost everyone I know with a Waterloo math degree is working in the business field in quant heavy roles. Laurier business is a tier 2 business school and not top tier like Queen’s, Ivey, and McGill, but it will help you if you want to go into something like accounting, marketing, sales, etc. The double degree is overkill. Decide what you actually want to do and focus all your energy on excelling in that field.

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  2. No, pure math is a theoretical degree. If you want to land a job after your undergrad, it is more practical to take an applied math field like econ or engineering. You won’t necessarily have trouble getting a job with it per se, but it is more designed for those that want to expand their interest in grad school. With a dual degree program, you have to realize that you’re literally taking twice the courseload as a normal student, so be prepared to put in the work. It’s also two rigorous programs, so you don’t have a lot of leeway to slack off. Lastly, data science wouldn’t be part of a pure math degree curriculum, it is an applied field.

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