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is Ontario Tech University good for science? It seems very hi-tech and atracting lots of Govmt funding

Interested in biology and life sciences programs at Ontario Tech University

2 Answers

  1. Lol, no. It’s a Last Chance U that’s like a decade old. Just because it has tech in the name doesn’t mean it’s good. And the endowment is only 18 mil. There are schools that have billions in funding.

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  2. If your goal is graduate or professional school, which it should be with a degree like life science or biology, all that matters are your grades in undergrad. I know students from Ontario Tech that were top of the class and ended up in law school, medical school, dental school, etc. Again, all that matters for undergrad is your grades. Why would a school being high-tech and have lots of government funding matter for a science program? Your program really just entails you to sit in a lecture hall and do weekly labs here and there. If your high school could afford it, so could a university. Do not expect to do some groundbreaking research that even PhDs struggle to find breakthroughs in. One advice I do have is to know your own capabilities. Life science degrees are useless in the job market, so if you’re not a particularly intelligent person or high achiever, dont blow time and money on useless degrees. The job market WILL get worse now with coronavirus.

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