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Hussain Omer

Is Mathematics/Business Administration (double degree) at Waterloo really competitive?

Hello, is the BA/Maths (double degree)  program at Waterloo really competitive to get into? How would you compare this with other programs at Waterloo such as Mathematics, Computing and Financial Management, Computer Science…etc? Is it relatively easier than these programs I listed or way harder? What’s the minimum requirement in your opinion to be a solid candidate? Any help/advice would be appreciated Thanks in advance

2 Answers

  1. Dude, you’ve literally opened 20 different threads on this topic, give it a rest. Yes, it’s really competitive to get into. You’re studying for two degrees simultaneously in the same timeframe as a normal student studying for one degree. What do you expect? Of course they won’t just admit anyone given the exponential workload that they’ll be burdened with. UW is a STEM-focused school with world-renowned programs in math and comp sci. I don’t need to tell you this if you’re smart enough to be eligible to apply. Universities like well-rounded students if a supp is required, so make sure you have other things going on for you outside of academics. There’s nothing more to say because even the most stellar students can get rejected if they don’t stack up to others in the applicant pool.

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