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Is Math at Waterloo worth it?

I got accepted to both McMaster’s B.Tech Automation, and Math without co-op at Waterloo. I’m interested in both career wise. I was originally thinking about self-learning Math on the side, or just doing a Math course online/part-time once I’m in the industry. Mainly because B.Tech’s practical learning is something I can’t get online, and I loved Mac’s community. Plus, I’ll probably end up less in debt thanks to it’s co-op, and get some good business knowledge. However, I won’t have the opportunity to go to one of the top one of the Math schools again. Would you say the quality of Waterloo’s Math education is worth the extra money, and not getting the engineering education?

3 Answers

  1. Lol, jesus…OP B.Tech is an engineering tech program, not engineering. I went to high school with idiots that did this program. It’s not a bad program but I hope you realize that you can get the same jobs even out of college engineering technology programs. Turning down Waterloo math for this is beyond foolish. You could always do a masters after undergrad and get into the engineering tech field. You don’t need to officially be in co-op to land jobs. I know people who didn’t do co-op at Loo and still landed the exact same jobs as the co-op students. No one is preventing you from applying. Waterloo is one of the best schools in Canada, and in the world, for math. Again, turning this down for a mediocre B.Tech program that is not even a highly looked upon degree/program at Mac or by employers, is beyond foolish.

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  2. UW has the best math program in the country and is world-renowned. It’s extremely competitive to gain admission to with kids having 95+ averages. It’s also a lot more versatile employment-wise because you can work in many different positions in any industry whereas the BTech program is more niche and also not a real engineering program. If you wanted to become an engineering technician, you can just go to a community college and get a two-year diploma. This program doesn’t give you a PEng license nor does it grant you an iron ring.

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