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I’m a current grade 12 student and want to go to Laurier. After I want to go into marketing but I keep seeing people refer to it as a ‘bird course’. Also does joining things like DECA help students get into Business schools

6 Answers

  1. DECA and extensive involvement with any extracurriculars will help you get into business schools, yes.

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  2. Marketing is one of the two functional areas that actually generate value for a business. Nothing more rewarding than seeing your contribution translate into a viable product or brand on the shelf of supermarkets. – 4th year accounting student at Laurier

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  3. Marketing is basically the business version of philosophy. You have to BS the reasons why a product/service is good to entice people to buy in.

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  4. Marketing is most certainly not a bird course. It has relatively good entry salaries and there is a lot of reward to be had when you see that your decisions had an impact on the outcome. 
    DECA helps, but it's oversaturated. I decided not to include it on my PSE because it was not as important as other involvements. Basically, when you do your PSE, the school cares more about the impact you had. If you're just a participant at DECA but did something else where you had more of an impact, it would be better to mention that instead. 
    Also DECA is a joke in terms of knowledge gained. I'm dead serious, I only took it because I was scared that I needed it for business school. You don't learn anything else other than how far some people's heads are up their own ass. Do yourself a favour, if you have a Debate League or a Sports team that needs someone to be an executive for or something at your school, do that instead. 

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  5. Marketing is not a waste, but a degree in it is. The most successful marketers and salespeople I know either went to college or possess an unrelated degree. Some only have a high school education. How do you think a marketing degree will help customers to see you as more personable, want to buy your product or recommend you to others? 
    This is a field where you really need to hustle from the bottom and move your way to the top. Don't do a degree in it. Just start networking and getting work experience. This is something most high schoolers going into university don't seem to understand. Nobody cares what your undergrad degree was in anymore. 

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