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Is it worth taking Grade 11 Chemistry in Grade 12?

Hey guys, I’m heading into Grade 12 this year and I have a few questions. So basically I figured I wanted to go into science for uni but I was an idiot and only took Grade 11 biology in Grade 11. I know I need two sciences to get into science at uni so it was a big mistake on my part.   So now I just wanna know if I should take Grade 11 Chem online during the year or if I should take it during the school year. Is it hard online? Would you suggest that I just abandon it in general and do something else?   And as a side question, do you think I should take the full 8 courses for Grade 12 or if I should take 6 courses instead.

3 Answers

  1. It’s pointless to take any grade 11 courses in grade 12 unless you plan on doing a lap year. Taking 8 grade 12 courses isn’t recommended if you’re going the STEM route, since you’ll be studying 24/7 without sleep if you want to get decent grades.

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  2. My question:
    What science program are you aiming towards in post-secondary?
    Why are you choosing to go into STEM?

    Never take full 8 courses in grade 12, especially science courses, because grade 12 is designated as the year to prepare you for university level courses, so you would be very overwhelmed. taking 7 courses is more do-able, but never 8.

    I have completed grade 11 chemistry, and if you are good with simple calculations, formulas, and memorizing certain patterns and trends, the course is very simple. While this does mean you can possibly do both chem courses in the same year, I do not recommend it because it can be too risky. This is because grade 12 is packed full with challenging courses, and you may not get the full amount of time to take all the information at once, especially learning the new skills needed in chemistry courses for the grade 11 curriculum.

    Also, just because grade 11 chem is easy, you still have to learn new concepts while doing other grade 12 courses, which decrease the likelihood of you getting 90 in chem 11( not to say its impossible). Grade 12 chem is MUCH more challenging btw.

    If you are aiming for a physics -math- based, science program like engineering, you would also have to take calculus ( which requires the completion of advanced functions), and take physics to prepare for uni (which I don’t think you can take since you only took bio in grade 11) . As you can see, if you take grade 11 chemistry, it would make grade 12 much more challenging than it already is.

    I suggest you find a way to complete grade 11 chem over the summer, weather that’s through an online course or summer school. If you end up choosing to do it in grade 12, be prepared.

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  3. Depending on what program you’re going into, I might recommend what these guys didn’t. 8 high school level courses a year? Child’s play when compared to some University programs. For example: I’m going into Engineering Science at the University of Toronto in two weeks. This program will have me doing 12 university level stem courses per year. My schedule consists of 31 hours of class per week. 33 on most weeks as I’ll have a couple hours of midterms/finals most weeks. However, I imagine general science, if that’s what you’re going for, will have a much lighter course load. As for what you should do about Chem: if it’s a required course, you should take it. I don’t know what the prerequisites look like for the program you want to enter, so start there.

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