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Is it worth it to go to university for fashion design?

I need one more university-level grade 12 course plus one more grade 12 course to graduate, but my initial plan was to do co-op at a fabric store to learn more about fabrics and fashion design in a practical manner, and go to college for fashion design.But now, because of family, I am reconsidering applying to university for fashion.
So my question is, is it worth it for me to take a course in the morning and go to high school for that morning course, and then travel to three credits’ worth of co-op (4 hrs/day) every day for a semester ? Or will I be better off working at fabricland for 330 hours that semester, and going to college the next year?I mean, is it even worth it to spend $28,000 on a fashion degree, rather than spend that fourth year developing my business?

5 Answers

  1. Okay now you made me laugh haha. Whatever. That was useless advice btw. Utterly, painfully, purpose-less. But then so is Donald Trump, right??

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  2. Yes, it is very worthful to go to university, it necessary to study fashion to actually work. It is the primary open door most designers need to begin transforming the business and it’s essential to go to a university with the ability to back you. It helps you to learn new concepts and how to get an idea from anything I was also a fashion designing students now I am head of the department at usa Movie leather jackets, so it is very important to go university for fashion design.

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