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Is it worth it to go to university for fashion design?

I need one more university-level grade 12 course plus one more grade 12 course to graduate, but my initial plan was to do co-op at a fabric store to learn more about fabrics and fashion design in a practical manner, and go to college for fashion design.But now, because of family, I am reconsidering applying to university for fashion.
So my question is, is it worth it for me to take a course in the morning and go to high school for that morning course, and then travel to three credits’ worth of co-op (4 hrs/day) every day for a semester ? Or will I be better off working at fabricland for 330 hours that semester, and going to college the next year?I mean, is it even worth it to spend $28,000 on a fashion degree, rather than spend that fourth year developing my business?

5 Answers

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