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Is it true most Ontario students applying/going to McGill are IB students?

I was considering McGill artsci or engineering and found that their cutoff average for one of the engineering programs last year goes as high as 97. Is it because most of the kiddos applying are from IB so their converted marks are this high? Also, according to the admission officer I talked to, some IB credits may count as first year credits, so a lot people virtually skip the basic courses of year one. So does this mean you probably should not apply/go to McGill engineering if you are an Ontario curriculum student?

2 Answers

  1. Um…no? Not every school offers it, so if they were to impose something as arbitrary as that, the brightest students studying at a school without IB would be automatically ineligible no matter their grades.

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  2. Being in IB means absolutely nothing once you get to university. I know IB grads that dropped out of uni.

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