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is it possible to get a 99.7 in grade 12 chem?

i have a friend telling me she’s getting a 99.7 in chem, i honestly wanna believe it but is that really possible?

7 Answers

  1. Yes, it is. The real question is, how likely are you to get that type of grade? Highly unlikely. Even with grade inflation, you would essentially have to get perfect or near-perfect on every single assignment/test that you complete. Such a feat would be unattainable for even the highest keeners in class. You’d basically have to be a robot, study 24/7, and make zero errors.

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  2. So you think she’s exaggerating her grade? Like I study 24/7 and I’m barely scraping an 80, I highly doubt shes getting that mark.

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  3. I suppose this is possible, but insanely difficult to achieve. Some teachers are reluctant nowadays to give out flat 100’s as it’s a hit to your credibility (universities might get suspicious about just how much of a hand inflation had in the score because a 100 is just suspiciously high) but ultimately, I guess it could be done. Really difficult though, and definitely not possible if your school doesn’t have some degree of inflation.

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