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Is it possible to be an actuary and a computer scientist?

Since uoft offers the cs and statistics major is it possible to be both?

9 Answers

  1. Why would you want to be both simultaneously? Do you have all the time and money in the world to pursue both?

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  2. Of course. But to be become an actuary, it'll take you many years and a lot of exams.

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  3. What you have suggested would make for a great combination degree.  But as somebody mentioned before, the schooling doesn't make you an actuary.  The professional exams do.  Combining the exams with coding ability will make you an interesting candidate for entry level actuarial positions.

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  4. Of cource you can! Especially using you could do both things. It's difficuld but real to do.

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  5. Both options are possible if you’re truly motivated. Thus, it takes a bigger profit in a long run. When you become a programmer you’ll identify and solve complex technology problems in business, medicine and other essential industries probably. There’s a thing none talks about while thinking of becoming a computer scientist – software product discovery phase. If to skip the phase, the software development project has more chances to fall through due to not found users’ needs, missed requirements and finally a wrong solution. It’s obvious for me.

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