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Hussain Omer

Is it easier to get into BA/CS in waterloo?

Hello, so I am looking to apply to BA/CS program at Waterloo this year and was wondering of the competition. It says mid-90s is the minimum average to get accepted into the program. Is it like those type of programs where after you get like a 95% or 96%, then the AIF plays a significant role or is it automatic acceptance if you have 95% average or higher?  I do not have that many extracurriculars but have a lot of side projects and other things that show my passion for this program.

2 Answers

  1. No, this is a dual degree program with very few spots available. It’s highly competitive to get into. It’s not one of those programs where everyone that exceeds X average receives an auto acceptance. All of their admission offers are hand chosen, so yeah, the AIF will play a pretty significant role since that will be how they will be able to differentiate your application with respect to the others in the applicant pool. I think most universities will be more understanding of the lack of ECs due to the year’s unique circumstances, but that doesn’t also mean that they’ll necessarily choose you over someone else with a lower average and a more fleshed out application outside of academics.

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  2. If it was automatic acceptance after 95+ a lot more people than spaces available would be accepted, no? High school grade inflation is so rampant now that many people have 95-100 averages in Ontario alone. There are only a very limited number of spots for programs such as this because they want to conserve their resources for the best students.

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