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Is intro to anthropology, psychology, and sociology a hard course?

Hi! So im turning grade 10 next year and im taking intro to anthropology, psychology, and sociology since im taking summer school for civics and careers and i needed a course to replace it. Do any of you guys have an tips for me or just general things I should look out for because I never thought of taking a grade 11 course and grade 10 and i feel like I might fail the course which I cant cause its going to my grade 11 report card and universities will look after it? So is this course generally hard or what are some thing I should look out on?

5 Answers

  1. LOL. It’s just a nonsensical social science elective. There’s nothing remotely difficult about it. Plus, you’re only in grade 10. Your grades are meaningless as long as you pass. Maybe focus on more important things like finding a prom date.

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