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Is a career in music really possible?

I’m sure most have heard the notion that music is only a hobby, not to be pursued as a career. Many creatives desire to be successful in the field but instead internalize this statement and allow their dreams to die. Is it a lack of knowledge about various careers in music that allow people to feel this way? Is it what people see on TV? 

Is a career in music actually possible?

6 Answers

  1. Is this a trick question? Much like acting, there is no one straightforward path for this. I go on Wikipedia and see thousands of singers releasing albums. Where do you think these celebrities come from? No, not everyone has what it takes to make it. Only you can answer that question for yourself. 
    For most people, to make a career in music means getting a big break. A lot of people don't want to put in the time and effort to achieve this break. And frankly, most people know that they're not musically talented enough to really make an impact in the music industry. Not everyone can become the next Rihanna or Lady Gaga. This is also why they have talent shows like The Voice and America's Got Talent. You think you're good enough to be releasing albums and making a career in music? Impress somebody and strike a record deal. 

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  2. Sigh. You don't need to go to school to make it big in music. Food for thought. There is a lot of risk involved when you give up on formal schooling to pursue this.

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  3. There's a reason why very few people end up reaching Justin Boober-level stardom. Ever heard of the Pareto principle? The number of people at the far end of the distribution are few and far between. You'd have better luck at getting struck by lightning than you would being successful in the music industry.

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