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Improved Games and Events Forum Choice

Hello Everyone! We did not forget about the kids as well. Fun Fact: Did you know that China was the first country to invent card games? This was during the 9th century AD, and it gradually spread to India and Persia. Subsequently, playing card games were introduced in Europe around the 14th century? You do not have to be an expert to enjoy card games online. Simply select the game, download it and you are ready to play! Meet players from all over the world and put your card gaming skills to test! And oh, there is no card shuffling or removing jokers required here. It is all the fun stuff!

4 Answers

  1. Who the f*ck still plays card games online? LOL This isn't the 1990s anymore. No one goes on newgrounds to play sh!tty point and click browser games. Why would anyone invest their time in that rubbish when PornHub has an endless library of adult entertainment that you can indulge in for free?

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