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Im freaking out because I keep reading these forums and people keep saying psychology is a waste of time

first of all, i want to go into psychology (bsc), but the thing is im reading these forums and people are like psychology degree is a waste of time because you cant do anything with it plus they dont get paid well.

someone please assure me because i dont want to finish with a psychology degree then end up homeless. 

please tell me the advantages and pros and stuff so i dont go crazy. 


28 Answers

  1. No offence, but you want to hear lies and misleading information from people just to feel better? Come on. There is validity to a lot of truthful posts on yconic and other student forums, that many try to paint as simply trolling and rude and negative advice. But, honestly, when you're spending years and blowing tens of thousands of dollars for a piece of paper, I'd rather have some dose of reality, no matter how much it hurts, rather than getting some fluff advice from someone telling me that I can achieve anything that I put my mind to.
    You want to do a BSc in Psych… Ok, that's great. But, why do you want to do it and what career path do you want to go into? How can anyone be expected to give you any advice, when you don't tell us what you actually want to do with this piece of paper?

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  2. Psychology degrees can lead to good jobs if u are going to med school, getting your PhD, etc. They just aren't very useful on their own

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  3. It's always important to follow something you're passionate about but also to consider the outlook of the industry. Psychology isn't the most employable field, nor does it have a decent salary. Anecdotal but I know a girl who got a master's in psychology but she works as a receptionist.

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  4. I can't reassure you because psychology is actually  useless. pick a better degree.

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  5. If you're considering a BSc in psychology you need to weigh your options. To me, the most beneficial would seem to be going on to med school (if you get in) or continuing on to a PhD in psychology. 
    Also, psychologists (who must have PhDs) do get paid well in Canada. There is a common misconception that they don't, but they generally do. The proof is in the statistics which I have attached below.

    Overall, psychology is a rewarding field if you continue far with your education and stay committed. Also please note I am not in this field so I am just providing outside insight here, though I do have relatives and friends that are. 

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  6. Unless you are doing a professional degree or intending to pursue a graduate degree (and even that is iffy), most undergraduate degrees will not lead directly to specific employment. That is not their purpose. The purpose of a university degree is education, not skills training or job employment. If that's what you are looking for learn a trade or a skill. 
    Having said that, while most undergraduate degrees will not lead to specific employment, they have almost become the de facto requirement for most jobs. They are the new high school diploma. From that perspective, it doesn't matter what your undergraduate degree is in if you are pursuing general studies, whether that be a humanities degree like English literature or history or a social science degree like psychology or political science, or even most science degrees. If you are determined to go to university and get an undergraduate degree, then study what you are interested in and be passionate about it. Don't waste your time and money by making a half hearted effort and partying (excessively). Study hard and take advantage of all your school's resources to develop your technical skills (like writing and critical thinking) as well as your soft skills (like speaking and team work). Take a wide variety of courses outside of your major that will stretch you as an individual and develop your skills further. It's the skills you acquire doing your degree that are going to translate into employment, not necessarily the specific knowledge. 
    Now you are still going to have to face the reality that even after 4 years of study you are most likely going to be starting off at an entry level job making minimum wage in a field completely unrelated to your degree and that's ok as long as you go into it with your eyes open. It's going to be on you to land that first job and leverage it into an upwards employment trajectory. You are going to have to hustle. No one is going to hand you a job on a silver platter. Once you land that first job, it's going to be on you to use those skills you gained doing your degree to propel you forward.
    Doing an undergraduate degree in psychology is not useless if you a) learn something, b) grow as an individual c) develop your support skills that will be translatable to employment. You will not be able to work in psychology with an undergrad degree but that doesn't mean you won't be employable and end up homeless. It's ultimately going to be up to you to actively pursue employment which will require you to market yourself and to network.    

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  7. It is nearly impossible to get a job in psychology with only a bachelor's degree, and if you decide to stop there then you are definitely wasting your time as you won't get a job relevant to your interest. Unfortunately, psychology is a very common major which leads to a lot of competition in the already very small job market. If this is truly your passion in life, then you have to be willing to go full force into it which includes med-school or for your PhD. Both options are long and expensive processes but are definitely possible if you're passionate enough. If you aren't afraid of competition, debt, and rejection then you'll be fine. 
    At the end of the day, this is your future and don't like people from an online forum have too much influence on your choices. Take advice, but also follow what gives you joy! 

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  8. Psychology as a Ph.D could make you some money, however you have to take into account supply and demand, along with how long it will take to get a Ph.D in psych. I would suggest maybe taking some psychology electives or minor in it if you are super passionate… but as a degree… generally speaking that is… you might as well get a degree in underwater basket weaving. This being said, after a degree in Psych you could still pursue medicine, law, and other graduate programs that do not necessarily require a specific degree as a prerequisite. Follow your passions, but be realistic as well.
    I hope this helps!

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  9. OP i feel you!! I'm in the exact same situation. Honestly an undergrad in psychology is actually useless you continue and get a master. (Btw which school did you apply to

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  10. It depends what you define as useless. If you simply want a piece of paper then you can definitely achieve that with a psych degree. However most people view university as an investment so you can get a better paying job later. A Bachelors degree in psych won’t give you that. You’d need to earn a PhD to get around $75,000. However getting a PhD takes a lot of time and money. There are other jobs you can get with less education that will give you the same earning potential. Yeah, you could go to medical school or law school but you can do that with any degree. If you don’t get into those schools then you’re back at square 1. There aren’t any legitimate advantages to a psychology degree in my opinion.

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  11. Don't feel discouraged reading any negative comments just know you're doing something you love and that's all that matters in life, living life with true happiness! Go after what you love and make something of your degree. If psychology was such an awful career choice and never employable it wouldn't have been an option in the first place! 😉

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  12. To be fair, the ratio of high school students to actual uni students is 100:1. So tbh, your really just getting opinions and guesses on these forums.

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  13. Alright here is the truth.  With just a bachelor of psychology, you can't do much as far as a good paying job.  However, if you continue and do a Masters than you open up a lot of doors.  You can open your own practice and register with CRPO or work in hospitals (most hospitals in GTA only hire Masters levels for their outpatient programs) or schools.  They make about $110K a year (my dad works in one of the hospitals). You could continue and complete your PhD and then you can make over $300k in your own practice (especially if you attach yourself to WSB patients). Stay away from community programs unless you are hired to manage the program, they start at 60K, Hope that helps.  Good luck and be prepared to be in school for a minimum of 6 years, but if you love psychology it shouldn't be a problem.

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