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If I’m taking a grade 12 course while in grade 11, and repeat it in grade 12, does the University of Toronto see it?

Basically, it’s mid November and I have a 78 in Grade 12 U Biology. If I can’t get my mark up to a 92, then I’m planning to retake it. But if I’m in grade 11, does it affect my transcript?? And if it does, does anyone have advice on how I can get my mark up (exam’s worth 20% and it’s in Jan…)

5 Answers

  1. Why does it matter? All you need is a high 70 average to get into U of T SG science programs.

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  2. If you really think a 78 is bad which isn't actually that bad, and if you really must repeat the course, do an improvement course in the summer if it is offered. It would be better than re-doing the whole course. 
    Whether UofT will see if the course is repeated or not will depend on which faculty you're going in to. Rotman Commerce will only consider your first attempts. The Arts and Science Faculty will look at your repeated attempts but will prefer students who got the mark in their first try. 

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  3. Why would u do that. I'm grade 11 but I want to give u some advice. Don't re take a course just because u think u didn't to well enough. I mean 78 is a good average and u should proud of urself for pushing urself hard enough. So what u didn't get the highest mark. You are doing great. Don't take it again. (Unless u fail miserably)

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