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I got an 80 in ENG4UZ (Grade 12 Summer School English). Should I repeat it again in the year or leave it be

So I got an 80 in ENG4UZ (Grade 12 Summer English). Yeah, it’s really bad and I have no one to blame but myself. Should I retake it again in the school year or just leave it at an 80. It’s a pretty low mark for uni so I wanna bring it up. Will they care if I retake the same course in the year? Will they accept the 2nd time I did the course or the highest mark. Or will they take the averages of the two times I did it. What do you guys recommend I do?

5 Answers

  1. If you only got an 80 in a summer school course then you can’t expect it to be higher when taking it in day school while focusing on other classes at the same time, Unless of course there were other circumstances involved. I’d just accept the 80 and focus on getting higher averages in other classes to make up for it. If you take it again you run the risk of just getting a lower mark and wasting a bunch of time.

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  2. Agree with the poster above^ I just did English as well and it wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be but I’m going to focus a lot on my other subjects to get my average as high as possible. Don’t worry too much about it, just remember to put your all in the other subjects.

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  3. I wouldn’t recommend taking it again for three reasons. Some universities consider repeated courses when reviewing your applications, so it’s risky in that sense. Also, I don’t believe you can do significantly more well in regular school considering the depth and difficulty of grade 12 university courses. To receive high marks in these courses, a lot of time and effort is needed. Courses like English are subjective to what your teacher believes is “level 4 writing.” Due to these factors, the time and effort you put in to this course may not always result in good marks. Despite this, it’s not impossible to get a 90 in regular-school English, and you may receive a better mark if your teacher is relatively easy. I suggest leaving an 80 on your transcript so you can focus doing more well in your other courses.

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  4. What is even the point of that? Are you seriously expecting to get like 95 or something for you to be happy? Just focus on other courses that you need, dude.

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