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i feel i won’t get into my uni choices

so i’m in grade 12 right now and i applied to the following:
Western U: Nursing and Health Science 
Trent: Health Science (specializing in bio)
UOIT:Nursing and Health Science

i’m not going to lie my marks aren’t so great right now my mid terms were a 74% average in bio,english and kinesiology 

my teachers are very bad at giving us updated marks and i’m not entirely sure where i stand but i’m gonna assume i’ll have the following final marks

Western is my top school like i really wanna get in so bad 

next semester i have :
med tech
data management 

should i add another easy course to bring my average up. do i have any chance of getting into any of the schools i want to. 

2 Answers

  1. I'm seeing more and more of these posts on yconic and they're difficult to digest. Scraping by with a 70 in high school biology and applying to bio-heavy science programs at the university level? You may get in somewhere, but you won't make it past the first year. Students do drop out of university all the time, and it's not a free ride once you get there. They would have to be absolutely foolish to accept a student with a 70 in bio into a nursing program. What patient wants to put their well-being in the hands of someone like that? 
    Change career paths. No patient deserves to be treated by someone who bombs high school biology. I'm not trolling right now. I have many friends who are nurses and they're excellent bio and chem students, who had 80s and 90s in these subjects in high school and university. 
    Your entire post just reads like a troll. Western is your top choice, but you didn't know that you need 90s to get into their nursing program?

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  2. If you can barely get a B- in high school bio, why business do you have going into health sci? Think about that.

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