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#HowIGotIn to Waterloo Engineering from Umesh Khanna

Waterloo Engineering is one of Canada’s toughest undergraduate programs. In this interview, Umesh Khanna shares #HowIGotIn to Waterloo Engineering. Umesh graduated from the University of Waterloo’s Systems Design Engineering program with distinction. He currently works for Hatch as a Product Manager and previously worked at Flexport, Toast, Clearbanc and Shopify in a mix of product and engineering roles. Umesh’s advice on how to get into Waterloo Engineering:  ✅ Hit that grade requirement – the higher, the better ✅ Check out Professor Bill Anderson’s blogs with Waterloo Engineering ✅ Don’t rush the AIF (Admissions Information Form) – it can boost your chances  For the full interview, check out the blog post here:

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  1. If he’s so smart, why isn’t he working in Silicon Valley for a company like Google or Amazon making six figures?

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  2. Compete in FRC lol. Around half of the seniors on my team got in as they give a boost to FRC students. And that is considering only 75% of seniors applied. It’s honestly not too bad one of my friends got in Waterloo comp sci with an 89% because of his FRC boost and being in a school on the highest part of the list (the lowest grade inflation).

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