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How to get accepted to Queen’s Commerce, Ivey AEO, McGill Desautels

Yconic did a great deal of good for me throughout my entire high school career, especially during Grade 12 when I was applying for universities. 

I know a lot of you must be stressed about the upcoming application process, so I want to help you guys as much as I can.

Last year I was accepted to everywhere I applied to (Queen’s Commerce, Ivey AEO, McGill Desautels, Laurier BBA).

Each of these schools are looking for something different in each application, which I learned through hours of research and talking to people who were admitted.

If I could personally thank everyone on Yconic who helped me in the past, I would, but I can’t. So, my way of saying thanks is helping you guys succeed.

Ask (or PM me) any question you may have and I’ll do my best to try and answer it.

8 Answers

  1. Hey! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.
    I'd like to ask what you found was the significant factor that Laurier BBA and Queen's Commerce was looking for in their applications.

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    • Hey,
      Laurier BBA: It's a general "all round" application. Academics, EC's, volunteering, leadership. A significant part that I focused on that my friends didn't (and got rejected) was the section detailing what I could bring/start/contribute to life on campus. They want to know you're not in it purely for yourself. I talked about some innovative things I could start on campus that corresponded to my prior interests I mentioned earlier in the application. If you have a competitive average and can kill this section, I'd say you're in.
      Queen's Commerce: I found the Commerce application arbitrary, ambiguous, and not a true testament of an applicants character. That being said, you don't need to have the best EC's or highest average (they claim this, but I still think a 98% average holds stronger ground than an 87%) to get into Queen's Commerce.
      There are two categories for people admitted to Commerce. 
      1: Those who are unreal, unique, amazing candidates who they just can't reject. Extremely strong emphasis on the UNIQUE aspect of this. I always heard "Oh, one of my friends was such an amazing applicant who was rejected, I have no idea why, he would be the perfect fit". Then after asking what their "amazing" EC's were, I would tell them that I wasn't surprised that they were rejected in the slightest. "Prefect, head of the student council, head of investment club, head of DECA", who honestly gives a crap? They see hundreds of people with these exact same accomplishments. You stand out in NO WAY. I purposely left some things out in my app that would seem impressive if it was just looked at from the reference point of my school, but I wouldn't stand out in the nationwide applicant pool. Now, if you have significant awards from these "generic" EC's, then by all means, list them, those help differentiate you. FOCUS ON UNIQUE ACCOMPLISHMENTS. That's what I did.
      2: People who have mediocre EC"s and achievements, but are judged by the admissions as good "fits" for the program. I'm not going to spell out for you what I mean by this, but there is a certain page on a certain Queen's Commerce website that basically gives you a good structure as to how you should portray yourself. Do this. They think that if people fit this mold, they will succeed in the program. I disagree with this approach, but that's how a good chunk of people get admitted. 
      So, when applying to commerce, focus on:
      1: Unique accomplishments.2: Structuring your app the way the admissions team wants to read it.
      I also want to raise a point (or way of thinking) that I have utilized when applying for competitive positions. You all have that group of 5-7 or so people in your graduating class that seem untouchable, like they could get into any school they want to just by scribbling down the application, right? Ok, say half of these kids are business focused, that makes for 3-4 UNREAL applicants applying to the same schools as you, in your school. Now this is where most people tend to drop it and are like "Ok, I probably can't beat them out, but there are so many other spots for me". Wrong. Don't be so narrow-minded as to think of things from the perspective of just your school. Take those 3 unreal applicants from your school, and multiply that by EVERY HIGH SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY. Every school will have a graduating class with 3-4 unreal applicants that have no reason to be rejected.This is your real competition pool. Don't let this scare you though, here's why: Like I mentioned earlier, from the scope of your school these people seem untouchable (prefect, head of student council, 94 average). However "good" these candidates might seem, university admissions teams tend to view them as generic. I am a strong believer that the best candidates are the ones that are "almost there" in the scope of the high school graduating class. Unique, innovative, students who may have hit a few rough patches and have their act together by their last year. 
      What I mean by all of this is, don't let the competition scare you. If you seem like a unique, interesting person, you will beat out those people that are generally viewed as good candidates. I can't stress this enough. 
      This isn't just for QC, but all universities, and even the rest of your lives.

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  2. Hi, I am just wondering when will Queen’s Commerce and Mcgill Desautel begin to offer? March or even late?

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