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How to get a good mark in Families in Canada course??

I’m currently taking Families in Canada in e-learning summer school. I’m hoping to finish the course with a high 90 so I can use it to boost my average. Anyone have any tips for me so I can ace this?

3 Answers

  1. It’s just another run-of-the-mill liberal arts course that’s primarily evaluated based on essays and other writing assignments. Can’t really give any concrete tips since your instructor is what ultimately determines how well (or poorly) you perform since the content is so subjective.

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  2. It’s very hard to get mid-high 90s in subjective writing courses unless you have a very easy teacher. When I was in university, an 80 on an essay was considered top of the class. Now high schoolers are flaunting their 90s as if it means anything. Grade inflation is crazy nowadays. Well, kid, good luck. You may very well end up with an easy teacher, but a high 90 in a writing course is a far reach.

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