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Im going into grade 12 and so fucking nervous about eng4u, last year I got a 74 which i worked my ass off to get! can someone tell me how to get a good grade in g12 english and if there are any online guides to help me

5 Answers

  1. English is 90% subjective, dude. Most people’s grades are at the mercy of the teacher, it’s not even about course content. The person instructing you basically dictates how well (or poorly) you do, it’s a crapshoot.

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  2. I had the highest english mark in 3U and 4U respectively in my last 2 years of HS. my suggestion is that your style and topics that you write about have to stray away from the norm. We’re past the time of writing boring essays about topics covered time and time again and using quotes that clearly support a point without you needing to even explain why. Try to add some pizzazz and uniqueness to your writing and for essays, try to go deep with your writing (when you read over your essay it should make you lean back and say “damn, that’s actually really good lol.” In book clubs and presentations, don’t memorize your points, but prepare so well to a point where you know everything you’re gonna say by heart – that way when you explain a point or topic, the teacher can see that you know and are confident in what you’re talking about.

    Sorry if this was too broad. English is kinda subjective, but I managed to maintain mid 90s with the schools hardest teachers where class averages laid in the low 70s, so anything is possible. GL fam 😀

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  3. There are many ways to get a Best Grades, Adopt a positive and maintain good mental health. Second one most important Pay more attention in class and consume time in daily basis and Improve your essay writing service skills and ask questions to your teachers.

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