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How to get a 80s in Ontario English class?(ENG4U, 3U) Is grade 12 finance worth taking?

I’m a current high school student in Ontario. Soon I’m going to grade 11. And I got two questions:
  1. What should I do if I want to get a mid-80 in English in grade 11(I got a 74 in Grade 10, ENG2D)?
  2. Is grade 12 finance worth taking, if want to go to the field of data science and finance?
I got 95 in grade 11 function which I took in grade 10 93 in grade 10 academic science, But I just hardly can’t get level 4s in English. Errrrrrrr. I heard people say If I want 80s, then I should I the teacher I want 90s, does that really work?    

2 Answers

  1. English is a toss-up, man. There were grades where I could get 90s with minimal effort while other times, I would barely get 60s by trying. It’s entirely up to the teacher. Two English teachers could grade the exact same essay by 20-30% apart, that’s the nature of the discipline. No university programs specifically require students to take finance, so just treat it as any other elective.

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  2. Take in-person English for grade 11. I would say for any grade 11 course it’s more important to actually get a good education rather than good marks so you can do well in grade 12. I learned a lot how to write from my teacher in grade 11.

    For gr.12 one way to make your mark less at the mercy of the teacher is by taking it online. I took ENG4U online and got a 93 over my 82 in class for ENG3U. This is NOT because it was easier, in fact the course median went down from 78 to a 75 between the 2 classes. However, if you are dedicated and self-disciplined which many of my classmates weren’t then you could do really well.

    If you take it online then it won’t be really based on your teacher or even skill but rather your hard work, as few students are able to keep up with every discussion and assignment and the course is much heavier in content. Self-learning isn’t for everyone but this is a good way if you can regulate yourself and spend just as much time on the computer as you would at school.

    Taking English in person was too much of a gamble to me. I am not someone that will change my work to the beliefs a specific teacher, and I found that English marks were entirely upon how the teacher ‘liked’ you. Whereas online things are much more standardized and less subject to outside political/sociological beliefs etc.

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