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How screwed am I going forward?

Hello,   I need some brutal honest advice. I don’t usually take any advice from the internet as seriously but I need to consider a lot of options.   I’m currently in Grade 11 and these are how my marks are currently looking like
  • 85 in English
  • 65 in Accounting
  • 55 in Functions
  • 55 in Physics
The 55 in Functions was basically gifted to me, and if I don’t pass my next Physics test idk what I’m going to do. I know there is a chance for me to pull up my marks but if I don’t get atleast a 70 in all of my courses but English, how viable of an option is College –> University or just going straight into trade school?   I think I can reach a 70 with Functions and Accounting, I’m just hoping that I barely pass physics. I’m not an academically inclined student either, last year was the highest average I had with an 84%.   Edit: I’m looking into Computer Science as a potential major, I was able to achieve a 95 in the course, but apparently Computer Science 11 is easy so I’m not sure anymore. My functions mark is bad still 🙁

11 Answers

  1. I will be honest, unless something radically changes you won’t be getting into any computer science programs at the university level and probably not in college either. Comp Sci is highly competitive for admissions you are going to need a grade 12 top 6 average in at least the 85% range. On the bright side:

    1) grade 11 marks don’t matter for admission,
    2) science courses aren’t needed either,
    3) high school graduation doesn’t require you to have a grade 11 science so you don’t need grade 11 Physics at all.

    What you are going to need is grade 12 English, Advanced Functions, and Calculus, so how you do in grade 11 Functions is going to be a much bigger determination of whether or not your goal is realistic. If you are serious about your goal I would get a math tutor from now until the end of grade 12 but it won’t be enough to just get a good mark in grade 12 math . If you want to be able to actually make it through a comp sci program you need to have a strong understanding of math. Only you know what you are capable of but computer science programs at university aren’t about coding, they’re about applied high level math like algorithms. Your high school computer programming course isn’t going to be anything like what you’ll be doing in a university comp sci program. If applied math isn’t what you’re interested in but you still want to do something computer related maybe look at some of the IT programs offered by the various colleges and see what their requirements are. The reality is however that whether you want to go the college or university route “academics” is the focus so if that’s not your thing, you might be better off investigating what options might be available in the trades that you would find of interest. College programs will be more applied than university ones though.

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    • Hey, I appreciate the reply. I have been trying to change my detrimental habits, especially organization. I understand that I need a solid foundation in math in order to pass something like Computer Science. I’ve been trying to do extra problems with the textbook to make sure I really understand the concept being taught.

      I guess what I was looking for was some survivorship bias. I understand that it won’t change the dire situation that I am in, but is it common to do poorly in Gr 11 and get high marks in Grade 12?

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      • Is it common to do poorly in Gr 11 and get high marks in Grade 12? I don’t know how common it is but anecdotal evidence suggests it does happen. The big caveat is why the marks are low in grade 11. If you have a student who is academically capable but unmotivated and goofing off in grade 11 and suddenly sees the light in grade 12 and starts applying themselves and working to their true potential, sure. If the student in grade 11 is working as hard as they can and barely keeping afloat, not likely or not without a significant amount of assistance. What you really need to consider OP is if you were able to get the marks needed to get into a university or college computer science program would you be happy doing the program? I think you need to do a bit more research into what these programs entail. As I mentioned they aren’t going to be anything like what your high school computer programming courses are like. What is it about computer science interests you? Do you want to do what is basically an applied math program or would you rather be doing something more technical perhaps on the IT side of things? Your situation isn’t dire but you need to realistically assess not only your abilities but also your interests. There are computer related programs out there that could be a better fit for both your aptitudes and your interests. You just need to consider that an undergraduate degree in computer science may not be that thing.

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        • H

          Sorry for the late reply. I did read it at the time you posted it, however. I changed up a lot of things, specifically related to organization, and I find that I have a lot more time to do work. You asked me if I was willing to pursue Computer Science in the future. I can’t say wholeheartedly I do, especially after Physics.

          I’ve been looking into IT programs in colleges, specifically a Masters in Information Security or Information Technology. I also found that I can take a few certifications relating IT that I can take right now to make myself slightly more employable in the foreseeable future. It looks like a path that I can potentially pursue, and after messing around with Linux on a VM I think that I’ll be more happy doing this.

          That being said, I’m still going to try as hard as possible to bring my marks up. They are better than before, I went from 55 to a 72 in Functions and I’m reaching a 70 in Physics, but I had to work extremely hard to get those grades so I cannot see myself doing advanced level math or Physics in University.

          Again, thank you for the reply.

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  2. Realistically, you want to avoid going into the STEM field at all costs. If you can barely pass high school math and science, you will be absolutely butchered if you take these courses in university. Comp sci is notorious for its high dropout rate. Please don’t go this route if you’re barely scraping through the high school curriculum, it will be a death sentence. Trade school is definitely a much more pragmatic way to go. You get to graduate with virtually no debt and start working in a high demand field. Since you admit you’re not academically inclined, that type of environment would be more conducive to your learning style since the emphasis is on learning by doing rather than abstract theory.

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  3. I think you need t see a therapist or a psychologist. It may be a mental psychological block you need help overcoming. You are probably a very smart kid! There are external factors which may be affecting you. Also, I advise you to get a tutor and to try taking some courses online.

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  4. Are you sure compsci is what you really want to do? There’s a lot of math & science involved in compsci and those appear to be your weak points. Gr 11 doesn’t matter at all. In the end, it all comes down to Gr 12. I did pretty bad in Gr 11 because I slacked off and I’m doing much better now. If you’re struggling that much with math & science, you should evaluate what you’re doing wrong because you still have a lot of time for improvement. Believe me, science only continually gets harder and harder. High school is nothing compared to university. Gr 11 Bio and Chem are jokes compared to Gr 12. If you can’t “improve,” then maybe you should seriously evaluate what you want to do in uni. Believe everyone when they say everything gets harder, because it does.
    It 100% depends on the person. There are people who do really well in Gr 11 then do bad in Gr 12 and vice versa. Keep in mind that Gr 12 is much harder than Gr 11 in terms of the course work. There’s a lot more work. Teachers have really high expectations of you. The pace is fast, etc.

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