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How much would my grade 11 marks matter?

So I was wondering how much my grade 11 marks would matter, I’m gonna try to get into bme, ce, se at uoft or waterloo. Currently i have an average of 92.5 in grade 11 but my 3u functions mark is quite low at 85. Im most likely going to take 4u functions in my first semester of gr.12 so would my 3u functions mark matter that much ? Thanks

2 Answers

  1. Have you checked the admissions requirements of the programs you are interested in applying to? If you had you would see that they list grade 12 courses only. Nowhere will you find a requirement for grade 11 courses so your grade 11 marks don't matter. It also doesn't matter if you have 4U Functions in first semester either since admissions will look at first semester final marks and second semester mid-term marks.

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