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How much material from grade 11 biology do you see in grade 12 biology (uni)?

how much information/material from grade 11 biology is seen in grade 12 biology? I’m planning onto review my biology notes during this time since I have nothing better to do. Is there any matieral from grade 11 uni bio which i should focus on?

3 Answers

  1. Grade 12 bio is for the most part not similar to grade 11 bio. Grade 12 bio has many similar concepts to Grade 12 chemistry. I would start looking into Organic Chemistry videos from 4U Chemt or BioChem from the 4U Bio. Everybody struggled with this unit at my school and many concepts from it come up in Grade 12 Bio.
    These are the units I have seen in Grade 12 bio and I think we may not be doing more since the school year is ending.
    BioChem + Cellular Processes + The Macromolecules of Life
    DNA structure/function/replication/applications/tools
    Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis

    Grade 11 bio from what I remember included biodiversity (dichotomous keys, classifications etc…), genetic processes (mitosis/meiosis), evolution, and internal systems. I think the most helpful unit to review, but still isnt as close to 4U bio would be genetic processes but without Mendelian Genetics and Punnett Squares.

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