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How important is grade 12 organic chemistry for undergrad engineering programs?

My teacher is skipped most of the organic chemistry material because we were running out of time. We only covered naming alkanes, alkyl branches, and alkyl halides, We did not learn anything else other than this. Our exam had one naming question and one drawing question, which were both super easy. My teacher said that we do not need to worry since organic chem is often taught in second year, not first year for MOST undergrad programs. So, am I screwed for first year engineering? We also skipped over drawing hybridized orbitals for sigma and pi bonds. I am interested in perusing computer engineering.

4 Answers

  1. Nope you dont need organic chemistry for first year eng chemistry.
    I just finished my chemistry and we skipped the entire unit.
    I dont think it'll be used in upper years too
    Source: first year engineering student

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