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How hard was it making friends at university?

So I’ve decided to take a gap year and enter university I year later
I got rejected from 2 universities and was put on a wait list for Ryerson
For those who went into university a year later, how was frosh week being surrounded by “mostly” people a year younger and was it hard to make friends with people your age? 
I’m just curious if it’s any similar to high school

8 Answers

  1. Dude, there are grandmothers that attend university. No one gives a sh!t about age. It's not high school anymore.

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  2. After high school, age doesn't matter. There will be quite a few people who come back from a gap year and will get along just fine with everyone else.
    Stop thinking in the 'grade' mentality. This is not the same structure as high school. Everyone there will be young adults and you'll get along fine with anyone regardless of age

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  3. If anything you'll be happier because you'll be able to drink and most of the younger teens cant. Honestly, after you turn 19, age stops mattering.

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  4. Is it really a big deal when people are only a couple months younger?  I'm born in december and people in my grade can be older than me by 11 months where as i'm a month older than some people in a grade younger than me. Don't worry about age dude. There's mature people and immature people at every age.

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  5. To be honest its only hard to make friends if youre shy. Im super shy but i forced myself to talk to people, i didnt take a gap year but i made a couple of friends who are older than me, theyre 21-24 meanwhile im 18 turning 19 and they dont care. You just vibe with who you vibe with. Anyways frosh is the perfect place to make friends cause usually people dont even know each other so its easy to just walk up to them except for the few who are in the same program as friends from high school.

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  6. Hello! It is always difficult, especially for those who come from other cities. Therefore, my advice is dating apps and dating sites like, there are many students using such sites who are embarrassed to get acquainted in class or on campus. I did this and made many friends. Good luck to you!

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