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How hard is Laurier BBA?

I just got accepted into Laurier BBA and I’m not sure whether to accept my acceptance. I heard that the first year is designed to weed out the people who didn’t belong there and that around 20-30% of first-year students get kicked out and I’m worried that I’m going to be one of those people. Currently, my mark is 91% but I go to a public high school that is pretty notorious for grade inflation and I estimated that my mark would likely be an 85-87% at most other schools which is lower than Laurier admission average. Also, I am really bad at advanced function and had to work very hard to get a mediocre mark of 81%. So I was wondering if Laurier BBA would be right for me or if I should consider a program that has a lower GPA requirement to maintain status.

2 Answers

  1. I mean, all business programs require you to be proficient at math, so you pretty much gotta suck it up and do it eventually. Maybe go into a less quantitative-heavy specialization like HR or marketing and there will be less math.

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  2. No matter where you go in business you need to be good at math… I know mid 90 students who went to McMaster Business 1 instead of top business schools who are struggling in university math. Pick your best option because either way you’re gonna need to work your ass off to do well.

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