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How funny is this

So I was looking through the University of Ottawa social group and I came across this convo where they talk about there rivals and they said Carleton are there rivals. Anyways the way people talk about university of Ottawa on that convo is hilarious there acting like its Harvard let alone UOFT and Waterloo

3 Answers

  1. @Razear wrote
    What's funny about uOttawa being rivals with Carleton?

    Not that, just the way people talk about Ottawa

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  2. I'm in the Carleton Class of 2018 social group, and we don't give a crap about Ottawa U; we're just there to get our degrees and move the heck on.

    I'm in Carleton Journalism and pretty much every one of my future B. Jour classmates has an entrance average of 90+ (as do I), so as much as Ottawa U kids are saying…

    – "wow our graduating class is f**king awesome"

    – "I have a feeling that we are all going to be the a) strangest yet b) most awesome freshman class in existence"

    – a million "carleton kids are stupid" jokes

    Like wow, we both go to sub-par universities, but at least Carleton has ONE prestigious program ;o

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