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How do I increase my marks?

I really need help with studying, since my marks are coming real low. I’m in private school, and only in grade 7. I need to get 100%, it’s no question asked. My first unit test this school year I had received a 70%. Really bad, and now I got 66% on another unit test on the same subject… MATH. Please help me. I have issues with time management too, and I just need to get A+. My future goal is to be a doctor. Now, how will I become one with these marks?! Please share some study tips, all you older students please help a young one out. Thanks! 🙂 -M.K

7 Answers

  1. LOL. You’re kidding, right? You’re a 12-year-old and you’re already employing shady tactics like buying grades under the table in exchange for a Canadian Benjamin? God help you, bro. I highly doubt someone with your trajectory will ever be donning a stethoscope over your neck. Someone that’s struggling in middle school has no business treating someone whose life is in limbo.

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  3. First of all, don’t give up and keep practising. Khan academy and other online study websites can be really useful when trying to ensure understanding. Do the practise questions and be patient with yourself. Your hard work and dedication to learn will have a positive effect on your work habits.

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  4. If you want to increase your marks then you should practice in that subject in which you are not that good and also stop playing games if you are. My son plays games every day and because of this, he is getting low marks in his subjects. My son is like a stubborn kid and he never follows my words when it comes to games. By the way, I am also fond of gaming. But I play very seldom, my choice is online poker with first deposit bonuses websites about you can find more here. I think an online casino is a better option for adult people, except for becoming addicted to mobile or computer games.

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  5. Here’s a plan: buy the solution for your hardest Math home task here, a professional will solve it and you will see how it has to be done to get an idea. Good luck!

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