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HOW can I get a high grade in ENG4U. I am a foreign student.

I am a student in foreign student. I can do well in Math, MCV4U. But my ENG4U grade is quiet low. I want to know how can I got information about the books mentioned in the course. For example, now we need to learn Mr. pip. However, what I can know from the course book is quiet a little. Please tell me what website can help me get more information. thanks a lot. Also, I want to know some experience about learning ENG4U, thanks so much

5 Answers

  1. Dude, if you’re ESL, you shouldn’t even be taking ENG4U. There’s another course that you can take designed for non-native English speakers. Also, try out SparkNotes. Usually you can find summaries and analyses for a lot of major book titles.

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  2. So my first piece of advice would be talk to your teacher. They can help you out and maybe brake down the course a bit and make things easier to understand They also might go easier on you and/or boost your grade up. This depends on your teacher and how nice they are. Since English is not your first language you have a major disadvantage compared to the rest of the class, so the teacher should take that into consideration when marking your assignments but talking to them about it might make it happen.
    Make sure that you put the work in and stay on top of assignments. This will likely determine how nice and helpful your prof is. If they see you are trying but struggling to understand they’ll want to help you and go easier on you but if you aren’t doing the work they won’t be eager to help you.
    My second piece of advice is do all the readings (actually read the entire book(s)) but when it comes to studying before the test and exam use spark notes! It’s a great way to review and refresh your memory, but it also simplifies the novels and gives you all the need to know information, as well as analysis the story and gives you the themes and symbols used without the novel. Also, if you are having trouble understanding the novel as you are reading it , then you can use sparknotes then as well so you know what’s going on.
    With that being said a lot of people who excel in math and science do horrible in English (they’re in separate parts of the brains so often people use a high portion of one and not the other, meaning they do really well in math and science but suck at English). The reason I am telling you this is so you know that it’s common and that you can still succeed and do very well. In my experience, people who have doctorate degrees in science are usually the worse writers, and lack basic grammar, yet they do well because they know science well.
    I hope this helps. Best of luck to you 🙂

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