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Homework Playlist

If you listen to music while doing your homework, what do you usually listen to? And what types of music prevent you from doing your homework?

I tend to listen to more metalcore, post-hardcore, and hardcore punk while doing my homework. Bands like Slipknot, Silverstein, Bring Me The Horizon, Issues, Northlane, A Day to Remember, and others keep me focused.

Usually all other types of music make me lose focus while doing my homework, especially if it’s EDM or pop punk.

11 Answers

  1. Look into vkgoeswild on youtube. She covers metal/classic rock songs on piano. Its seriously the best thing ever for studying.

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  2. classical music is really great. I usually listen to grey's anatomy playlists on 8tracks but it's super distracting, haha. Last year, while studying for my math exam, I listened to Me by The 1975 for seven straight hours… it's a really good song to study to lol

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  3. Silence.

    Try putting on earplugs next time. Any genre of music is a distraction when studying.

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  4. To study, I think Of Mice & Men or Memphis May Fire have some really good songs. I'm in love with all MMF's albums so I couldn't tell you which is best, but also you should try Sworn In

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  5. I find listening to classical playlists or an ambient soundtrack helps me focus and are also pleasant to listen to for long periods of time. I use an app/site called songza (you can access it online with your computer or from your phone/tablet in the app)
    The playlists I frequent are "Classical for studying" and "In a busy coffee shop", but these are just two of the thousands available. I'm sure you will find one you like

    here's a link to the classical one

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