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High School Co op

I’m in high school, and I’m thinking about taking high school summer co-op for future experience/better resume/better idea if I want to go in it/etc. The thing is, I’ve seen a lot of people do hospital/research or trade co ops, but I’m thinking about going into either Tech/Programming or Business/Accounting in the future, so those aren’t what I really want. Have any of you guys taken any co ops that have to do with these programs? Were they worth it? Would it be better to just do some volunteering or take up some summer job instead? And which one of the two (between business/accounting and tech/programming) would you recommend more, of course, assuming that I could find a placement that has to do with them at all lol…?

1 Answer

  1. It’s not worth it. You’re better off just getting a part-time job and taking U/M courses if your goal is to attend post-secondary. Co-op is designed for people that want to go straight into the workforce after high school.

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