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Hussain Omer

Help me make a final decision on these Waterloo Programs

Hello, so these are the programs that I chose to apply for to the University of Waterloo:  
  1. Computer Science
  2. BA/Mathematics (double degree)
  3. Computing and Financial Management
  4. Mathematics
  Can you help me choose the top 3 I should go for, I am currently researching more about these programs and would appreciate any advice/help. I want to know which one of these programs is better for employment and has a good scope in the future.

3 Answers

  1. Depends on what your individual interests are and what your future goals are. These are all employable programs. In terms of versatility, math and comp sci would net you the widest range of jobs since you can pretty much do anything with a quantitative background. The dual degree seems redundant since you can already get any job that a BBA/BComm could get. Also, you always have the option of doing an MBA in the future.

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  2. Choose Computer science and math and everything will be fine in your life, but in general, how can we choose for you?

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  3. [[|wiki link]]
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