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HELP omg i’m so indecisive. I have  two options for my grade 12 courses:
  1. Computer science co-op
    • AP physics, AP calculus, AP comp sci
    • most likely no spares
    • I’ll have to take either biology 12 or English 12 in summer/online school
    • I most likely won’t have the time to self study AP bio
    • I get to have exclusive time and better connection with a really good teacher in our school, and get work experience
    • take AP chem
    • less time for extracurricular/work
  2. No co-op program
    • i get a spare
    • i take no summer school, but i can’t take AP physics (i can still take AP calc)
    • AP chem
    • i can now self teach AP bio and AP computer science
    • I can’t have an opportunity to build a strong connection with a teacher
    • missing the opportunity to have a full year of calc and AP physics, since AP calc outside of the co op only runs in second semester (i have less time to spend on AP calc before the exam)
    • potentially more time for extracurricular/work
the thing that’s really hard about this is that idk if i want to go into health sciences, or STEM/engineering, making decisions very hard… PLEASE if you guys have any advice or experience, anything is helpful even if you guys have any input on health sciences or engineering as a future career, or this decision, would be very helpful!! THANK U SO MUCHH

6 Answers

  1. If you want to go into a STEM program, how in the world are you able to do co-op in your senior year when you’re likely be burdened by all of the hardest math/sci courses (adv. func., calc., chem, physics)? High school co-op is designed for people that want to enter the workforce directly after graduating, you do realize that, right? Co-op courses are 4O, they can’t be used for university admission. You can only use 4U/M courses.

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  2. when u spread urself thin, ur gonna end up a half-ass candidate for both fields when u apply to uni. u need to figure out what u want to do and go from there. imo dont take co-op in high school, it serves no real benefit in the long-run. at the end of they day, its the applicant with higher grades thats prioritized for most programs. the programs that require extracurriculars tend to value stuff with leadership. co-op doesnt really giv u a leg up in the longrun compared to the drawbacks of taking it

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