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HELP!! Can I get into UBC sciences with these grades?? Grade 12 BC student here

Okay so here’s the story. I did pretty good in grade 11. I got 96% in Chem 11, 99% in Psychology 11, 98% in Socials Honours 11, 94% in Spanish 11, 92% in English Honours 11,  92% in Physics 11, 91% in Pre-Cal 12, and 90% in AP Biology 12, 100% in Leadership

Now I’m in grade 12 and my school is a semestered school. For semester 1 term 1, my grades look like this; Calculus 12 90% , Chemistry 12 87% , AP Psychology 88%, and Leadership 96%. My grades went downhill and now I am worried about getting into UBC. I want to get into sciences and arts is my second choice (psychology). 

If I calculate my average right now for grade 12 (including leadership) it is 90.2. I heard the cutoff in the past was 92% and now I am worried about getting in. I am currently working hard to do better in term 2 so hopefully the final mark for those classes would be at much better. Do I have a chance to get in UBC? Does UBC look at semester 1 term 1 marks or the final semester 1 marks for early admission? 

(For those asking about my PP)
I am currently writing my PP, which consists of 4 years of volunteering in the school and community, work experience in healthcare, leadership (Vice President of a large volunteering club), 3 years of Tutoring/Mentoring classes in high school, 4 years of independent research/inquiry for english honours, 4 years of performing in events (piano, guitar, choir, dance etc). I am writing about what I’ve learned and how I grew over the years, (I’m stopping here because this is already getting too long)

Any help/advice is appreciated!!

3 Answers

  1. Hey! I'm a third year student in the faculty of sciences at UBC.
    First of all, don't panic! The 'cutoff' isn't necessarily 92- that's probably the average. That means that there are people who got in with lower grades and people who got in with higher. FWIW, I know some of my classmates got in with grades in the 88-91 range without issue. I'm not sure how UBC calculates grades for semester schools (my high school was a 3 term system).
    Overall, with a strong personal profile I think you still stand a chance. Don't give up yet!

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  2. Hi there!Unfortunately, the admission average rises by a lot every year. Just three years ago, the admission average was probably a lot lower. I would say that you definitely have a shot if you really work hard in crafting your personal profile (and try to raise your marks a bit!) For me, the personal profile got me an early admission offer from UBC when my average was significantly lower (2-3%! ) than the majority of my classmates who got an early offer! 

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  3. 92 is not the 'cutoff'. It is most likely the average of all the students who was admitted and accepted their offer at UBC. Mind you there are also people with 95 averages who don't do squat outside of school. They also realize that high school grades are getting more and more and more inflated, so the personal profile is also important. I'd say you have a pretty good chance seeing that you have so much involvement. Don't worry about it and carry this work ethic into university!

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