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Heavily relying second semester, GRADE 12? Need Help

Hey everyone, 
So I applied to Queens, Guelph, Ottawa, and Western for Computer Science. I did pretty bad in grade 11 so I am going for early acceptance. This semester I am taking physics, earth and space science, and personal fitness. Next semester I have 5 courses: Calculus (night school), English, Online Challenge and Change, Food and Nutrition, Fitness Leadership. 
1st Semester:
– Earth and Space: 95
– Physics: 60
-Personal Fitness: 93
So the thing is, after second semester mid terms, physics would not be in my top 6, so will universities care about my physics mark? As during 1st round of acceptances, universities will only see my bad physics mark, and my SES mark. If I get 90’s (Which I Will) next semester, do I have anything to worry about? In addition, I have not completed my volunteer hours yet, does it matter when I complete them or as long as I complete them by the end of the year? 
Would appreciate any feedback/answers. 

8 Answers

  1. They will be looking at the prerequisites for the program + your next highest grades to make 6. For Comp Sci usually that means English & Calculus, some require Adv Functions, and then + 3-4 additional U/M courses (Open level courses do not qualify. Depending on the school they may have minimum marks requirements for your prerequisite courses that you have to meet in addition to your overall average. For example Ottawa states:
    Computer Science (BSc)
    Prerequisites and other requirements:
    English 4U or Français 4U
    Advanced Functions 4U
    Calculus and Vectors 4U

    A minimum combined average of 70% is required for all prerequisite courses in mathematics.
    So if Physics isn't part of your top 6 then it won't matter, but I didn't see you list your Adv Functions mark. 

    With regards to your volunteer hours they are requirement for high school graduation not university admission (in so much that you can't graduate without them and without graduating you can't go to university) so as long as they are completed by your high school's deadline you'll be fine.

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  2. Please tell me you're not planning on going into any science program with a C- in high school physics.

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  3. You can probably get in somewhere, but you won't make it past the first year. Computer science programs have a high dropout rate and if you suck at high school math and physics, you won't last long. You're never going to be able to compete with people who live and breathe these subjects. Find something else.

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