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Health sciences for medical school or kinesiology or food and nutrition

Hi everyone, I am a grade 12 student taking chem, bio, advanced functions, calc, food and nutrition and kin. I love sciences, especially biology, and am pretty decent at math and would love a career in medicine. This semester with mostly all of my “harder” courses, I have a 93 average. I believe after I take the easier courses, I will end up with a 95 average (hopefully). Originally, my plan was to try my best to get into Mac health sciences (which i know is almost impossible) and Queens health sciences (which is apparently also hard) and then try to get into medical school. However, after realizing that I cannot depend on getting into those programs, I am also now considering Kin at Mac and Queens as it is also mainly focused in what I’m interested in. I have recently also started eyeing the Food and nutrition program at Brescia U at Western, due to its smaller class sizes and nice res (it also has a 80% required average so i’m pretty sure i’ll get in lol). I am also looking at these kin and nutrition programs because I realize that if i dont get into medical school (which is very likely due to the very low acceptance rate) I can’t do much with a health sciences degree other than try again maybe and that I can apply to med school with ANY degree, why shouldnt i do kin or food and nutrition both of which have a better backup career pathways i think? I guess my question is whether I should spend all the energy and time in ensuring that I get into health sciences at mac or queens or should i apply to kin and food and nutrition as well? If its the second option, which kin program would you say is better (mac vs queens) and is brescia a good option? P.S. does anyone know what are the highest avg of students applying to Brescia for the Board of trustees Continuing scholarship? THANK YOU IF YOU ACTUALLY RESPOND OR EVEN READ THIS

5 Answers

  1. apply to all, then you have back up plan for your back up. Also ive heard there isnt much to do with a BscHK/BScKin if you dont get into med school, physio, dentistry or whatever which is why i didnt accpet in a kin program…

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  2. If you want to know the most employable of those three undergrad programs on the chance that med school doesn’t work out, do nutrition. Health sci and kin are unemployable without further schooling.

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  3. Look, if you want to help increase your chances of getting into med school, PICK EASIER SCHOOLS/PROGRAMS. I have no idea why this basic concept is lost on high achieving students in high school. GPA is all that matters and med schools and other professional schools DO NOT CARE WHERE YOU WENT FOR UNDERGRAD. 3.95 GPA from Lakehead > 3.7 from U of T

    Guelph has a number of programs like food and nutrition and agricultural sciences that have good job prospects. It is also a fun school. If you do not get into Mac health sci, I would very seriously be considering Guelph. Ryerson also has a good nutrition program.

    Forget about the other sciences since they are all useless on their own.

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  4. Minulla oli ongelmia, joiden takia erosimme vaimoni kanssa, penikseni ei noussut, mutta sitten, pitkän ajan ja etsinnän jälkeen, onnistuin löytämään lääkkeen, joka auttaa minua aina. Tässä sain ostettua sen.

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